Privacy Policy:

Welcome to respects the privacy of the customer and do not sell or distribute them.

Personal and IP Information Preservation:

Privacy Policy is the assurance given and made clear by the company that the information given by the buyer of a product won’t be disclosed without the prior consent of the buyer. What is the private information an e-commerce site derives from a customer? When a purchase is done, the becomes aware of the name, physical address, and the e-mail address of the buyer like any other e-commerce site.

When customers search for our products logging into our site, we automatically track their IP address to get information about your browser and the window you are using.

Customer Consent Valued:

In the course of the transaction, we collect your e-mail when an order is placed by you. We verify your credit card information at a purchase for payment. Your purchase amounts to the consent to our collecting it and using it for that period and purpose only.

We may want to forward our updates of products to your e-mail but if you feel bothered about that you can notify us through our How do “I withdraw my consent?” Option.

Our Site Host:

As a web site, we obviously host our site using a hosting company Godaddy (suppose). They will store your data through their databases, data storage, and the Hosting Company Application.  They do so on a protected server behind a firewall. 

Payment Privacy:

Your shopping data is stored so long the purchase process is not complete. But after the purchasing process is over all the saved information are erased. This process is accomplished following the standard set by PCI-DSS and by PCI Security Standard Council a joint association of all the big transaction brands American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Third Party Service also follows the same privacy policy procedures as mentioned already. Better to read their privacy policy before placing an order and materializing a transaction.



The links we use to rank our site and make clear our points can take you any direction as their privacy policy is not under our purview. In this case, too, our suggestion is to read their privacy policy first.


Cookies track your personal and PC information. But you can bar that cookie by opting out of cookies. You can custom set your browser to avoid all cookies or say to notify you when or if cookies are active. But some websites go dysfunctional without cookies. We have provided all our cookies provided in the privacy policy section to let opt-out if felt convenient.

Google Analytics also uses cookies but there too you have the option to go without the cookies storing data by opting-out of it. absolutely reserves the rights to make any change of the aforesaid policies if it deems it necessary to do so. Review the site off and anon if a purchase is done by you. Changes and regulations will come into effect just after the notice is posted on the site