Shipping and Returns: ships merely to the valid French and European addresses. Orders and booking pleas coming from outside world are handled by a third party service provider. In that case, shipping is not free. Customers from other than European Union countries will be charged a shipping cost as that procedure is conducted by a third party service provider.

The customers outside the said regions will not enjoy the following facilities but they obviously can claim the warranty service under the conditions set by the company.

Shipping will be materialized within three working days after the order is made for the products already in store. There will always be an update of the stock on the company site. The intended buyer will be informed within 72 hours of the products not in stock then.

Shipping cost and duration:

Shipping cost depends on the method preferred and the size of the order made by you. It will explicitly be visible in your cart.

Standard shipping for products only applies to the orders coming only from UK and France. It takes three official days for in-stock products and six to eight days for the out-of-stock products.

Express shipping is applicable for European Union countries other than UK and France. The duration of this shipment subjects to carrier delay, order procedure time, and the availability in the stock.

Return, Refund, and Exchange:

Return of a product unavoidably involves the refunding of the payment. First, you have to inform us via e-mail of the return as it takes days to ship products back and forth. And return should be within the 30 days from the purchase date. But in the case of the opening of the packet and losing the purchasing receipt, will not receive your product.

Yes, money will be refunded deducting the original shipment cost and also mentionable is that will not bear the cost of the transportation intended to return.

Contact us if the refunded money has not been deposited into your bank account within the stipulated duration.