Terms and Conditions:

Spy.camera provides six months long warranty with effect from the day the product is purchased.

  1. Warranty is a right, not a voluntary service but it will apply when and if the product is bought through our website and it is a Lorem headphone.
  2. You must produce the necessary warranty particulars to claim the warranty service. These are the warranty card carrying the name of the dealer and the original buying receipt with the date of purchase clearly mentioned.
  3. Anything other than those aforesaid testimonials the company assigned technicians will not comply with your warranty claims. Warranty service is strictly restricted against any third party document.
  4. The technicians enjoy complete faith from the company’s behalf and so their judgment about the eligibility of the warranty will be a crucial matter. If the assigned technicians find the reported defect, the warranty is sought for, is caused by normal use, the company will remain bound to provide the warranty.
  5. The warranty service will not be void if:
  • The product is reset and any part is replaced by repairmen other than the company authorized one.
  • If the damage or defect is done by abuse, whimsical handling, accident, moistness, water drowning, insect, or natural disaster.
  • The company exclusive serial number is altered or removed
  1. In the case of the parts replacement, the replaced parts will belong to the company.
  2. The client will be liable for the transportation of the product to and from our assigned customer service center.
  3. The company enjoys the authority of taking the final decision if or when any dispute ensues.
  4. The company reserves the right to change any term anytime already stated and implied.